The new name of the clan is.... ANBU Lightning!

Maybe A Change of Name

I'm getting really pissed off of the name "Jinchuriki Clan" because there's hecka clans with the name. If you have any suggestions of any names pm me or post it on the clan topic, alright!!!!

Jinchuriki Clan Members!!! 4/1/08

Welcome, my fellow Jinchurikis!!! It's me your clan leader, Chi_dori, or as you call me Kakashi. This site is the official site of the Jinchuriki Clan. You can come here for updates and announcements. Here you can come to sign up for any clan war. Alright that's it for now. I'll continue to fix up this website, alright!!! And for any people who want to be a part of the clan, you can do that here too!!! Just go to the sign up section and submit your request and I'll add you! Remember to type your rank and the # of unlocked characters in your request. You will soon be added and put into a squad.